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About Kuujjuamiut

Société Kuujjuamiut Inc. was established in 1988 by the signing of the Kuujjuaq (1988) Agreement. Parties to the Agreement include Makivik Corporation, the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq, Nayumivik Landholding Corporation, Hydro-Quebec, and the James Bay Energy Corporation.

Object & Scope Of The Agreement

The objects and scope of the Agreement were meant to satisfy the obligations of Hydro Quebec with respect to remedial and compensatory measures under sub-section 8.10 and 8.17 of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA).

In exchange for a number of funds for remedial & compensatory measures, Inuit of Kuujjuaq and Inuit of Nunavik agreed to amend the release in sub-section 8.17 of the JBNQA so as to provide Hydro-Quebec with a complete release for the effects of Le complexe La Grande (1975) north of the 55th parallel (except) with respect to possible impacts of methylmercury production due to hydroelectric development. 

Compensation Money

Kuujjuamiut Inc. shall administer the compensation monies from Hydro Quebec through five funds:

Kuujjuaq Fish Fund:

Used to compensate any Inuit of Kuujjuaq including any Inuit commercial fisherman of Kuujjuaq when overall yearly harvest from the Caniapiscau-Koksoak River system are smaller than what they were in the years preceding the Caniapiscau diversion, taking into account equal fishing effort.

Domestic Navigation Fund:

To be used to carry out or to have carried out remedial measures to facial light vehicles in or along the shores of the Koksoak River upstream of Kuujjuaq. Fund also to be used to compensate persons or institutions for property loss or damage caused by the diversion of the Caniapiscau River suffered by an Inuk beneficiary of the JBNQA, any Native person from Kuujjuaq or any Inuit legal entity.

Research, Remedial Measures and Enhancement Fund:

Fund to be used to develop a program for monitoring the environmental and social impacts of the Diversion; to conduct research necessary for this monitoring; to carry out remedial measures designed to reduce the environmental and social impacts in the Kuujjuaq area; and to be used for enhancement programs for fish and wildlife in the region.

Resource Fund:

Fund to be used for economic, social and cultural benefit of Inuit of Kuujjuaq (for community purposes).

Economic Assistance Fund:

This Fund to be used to provide financial assistance to Inuit individuals and organizations of Kuujjuaq.

Kuujjuaq VHF Repeaters
Mandate Anchor
Kuujjuaq VHF Repeaters
Kuujjuaq VHF Repeaters
Kuujjuaq VHF Repeaters
Kuujjuaq VHF Repeaters


For social means, and without pecuniary gain to the Corporation, Societe Kuujjuamiut has the following goals:

1. To plan, evaluate, manage, organize, coordinate, over-see, develop and improve the living conditions, and local economy within the Municipality of Kuujjuaq.

2. Improve and/or facilitate the circulation of small crafts, or light vehicles on or along the Koksoak River.

3. To grant financial compensation to Inuit Beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement affiliated to the community of Kuujjuaq, to Inuit organizations, and any other Native of Kuujjuaq, for all damages related to the Diversion of the Caniapiscau River and for all losses suffered when the overall yearly fishing harvest in the Caniapiscau / Koksoak River system is smaller than previous years given equal fishing effort.

4. Implement and operate maritime equipment required in and around the limits of the Municipality of Kuujjuaq.

5. Develop a program for monitoring the environmental and social impacts of the diversion of the Caniapiscau River, and carry-out or commission remedial work in order to reduce to a reasonable level the known environmental and social impacts in the region of Kuujjuaq.

6. Grant to Inuit Beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement affiliated with the community of Kuujjuaq the necessary assistance for industrial, commercial, and residential development and to allow for the development of their natural resources.

7. Implementaiton of research and monitoring programs of fish species levels as well as other wildlife and their habitats.

8. Take the appropriate measures to improve relations between Hydro-Quebec and the community of Kuujjuaq.



Jason Aitchison          General Manager 

Eva K. Gordon             Assistant Manager

Kitty Jonas                   Personal Loans Manager 

Dallacy Sequaluk       Secretary

Johnny Berthe           Maintenance Supervisor

Jimmy Gordon Sr.     Marina Services

Luc Breault                Building Supervisor

Kuujjuaq VHF Repeaters
Kuujjuaq VHF Repeaters
Kuujjuaq VHF Repeaters
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