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Services & Assistance for Kuujjuamiut

Business Loans

The Business loan program is also funded under the Kuujjuaq Economic Assistance Fund and has been providing financing to eligible businesses since the early 1990’s. Financing is available for all types of businesses and sectors. Depending on the financing requirements, business plans and/or financial statements must accom-pany any applications.

For more information please contact our Administration department at 819-964-2625 or fill out our Contact Form.

Kuujjuaq Marina

Community Assistance

For over 15 years Kuujjuamiut Inc. has provided trailering services for boaters who are headed out camping or returning home from a trip. We also operate the Kuujjuaq Marina service building which provides a shelter for campers as well as a communication base for HF & VHF radios for campers to keep in touch with those out on the land and more importantly for emergencies.

Kuujjuamiut also maintains various maritime equipment which assists boaters such as the steel launching plates at the Marina, Beach & Dock, the floating dock system at the Marina which is installed every season. We also operate navigational improvement equipment such as the nav-lights on the river.

Kuujjuamiut also owns and operates a landing craft barge which has provided assistance to community projects such as the Kuujjuaq Youth camp among others.

Personal Loans

The personal loans program is funded under the Kuujjuaq Economic Assistance Fund and was established in 2008 to respond to the needs for personal financing assistance for our beneficiaries. The program was initially created for the purpose of financing the acquisition of essential harvesting equipment such as snowmobiles, atv’s, canoes & outboard motors. Today, a wide range of personal financing needs are eligible such as helping homeowners getting started.

Credit screening services are handled by the Equifax credit bureau. Kuujjuamiut has also developed it’s own internal credit score system which is also an integral part of the screening process.

The program is very successful in providing financial assistance to it’s members while generating a substantial return to the Corporation which will ensure the availability of capital for future generations.

Northern Village of Kuujjuaq

Recreation Department

We promote and coordinate  local sports activities, events and programs.
Everyone is welcome to post their ideas on our Facebook page as well as keep up on the community activities. The recreation department can make things happen.

Call us at (819) 964-2943 ext. 234

Claims for Damages to Property

Claims for damage to property are covered under section 6 of the Kuujjuamiut (1988) Agreement. Eligible claimants may submit a claim form for damages to property such as outboard motors, and prop-ellers. Damages must be able to be attributed to lower waters caused by the diversion of the Caniapiscau river which took place in 1981.


A claim form must be submitted for each incident which will then be validated by Kuujjuamiut within 30 days of reception. Only damages which occur up-stream from Big Elbow Island will be considered for validation.

Community FM Radio Station

CKUJ-FM is a community radio station that broadcasts on the frequency 97.3 FM in Kuujjuaq, Quebec, Canada.

Owned by Société Kuujjuamiut, it is unknown when the station was originally licensed, however, the CKUJ began broadcasting at 90.1 FM, until it moved to its current frequency approved in 1991. The local FM station links the community of Kuujjuaq closely together by providing important announcements throughout the working day. As well, the station is used for political campaigns and also hosts bingo twice a week. It is a lifeline and valuable communications tool for many individuals and organizations in town. For more information, you can contact the local announcer at (819)964-2921.

Meeting Facilities

Conference and meeting spaces available for rental.

Competitive daily rates

Small conference room with wifi / projector and screen with beautiful view of the town and the Kuujjuaq river (accommodates up-to 10 people comfortably).

Gymnasium rental for all types of events or large meetings with sound system tables and chairs included as required. We will also provide references for catering services on request.

Please do not hesitate to ask if we can accommodate your special needs for your event.

Call Jason Aitchison at 819-964-2625 or fill out our contact form for pricing information.


Pinngualaurta! Let’s Play provides programming for children 0-6 years old and their families. We meet several times a week on weekday mornings and weekends in the upstairs hockey classroom at the forum. The project includes a drop-in play space for supporting development and healthy relationships, special events such as outings, storytelling, and musical guests to encourage cultural learning, multi-sports training to support children in learning motor skills and develop habits in physical recreation, and resources for supporting parents of children who are entering school to understand how they can support learning through play at home. Become friends with Pinngualaurta on Facebook for more information, or email

Northern Lights Yoga

"Open your mind and relax your body with the mindfulness based courses at Northern Lights Yoga. We offer community yin yoga classes in a supportive, encouraging environment. Please Join below for class schedule and updates.”

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